Top 5 Crypto News: From Blockchain deploying in the news sector to advancement of DeFi

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1. Verizon deploys Blockchain technology to provide transparency in the news sector.

As a technology company that quite literally connects people to information, we are excited to bring Full Transparency to market — a product that, in its own quiet way, can help ensure corporate accountability and trust .We invite organizations across the world that prize transparency as much as we do to adopt blockchain-verified communication practices.

2. Charles Hoskinson believes that there could be an e-voting system based on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano’s founder said

I think it’s entirely possible in three to five years that we can take that test back and sell it to the government of Ethiopia, for example, or the government of Georgia. And they’re in the business of looking for new voting systems because they’re having so much problem with census and registration and fresh and free elections.

3. Russia’s Gazprombank gets approval to provide crypto services in Switzerland.

We expect digital assets to become increasingly important in the global economy and, in particular, for our current and potential clientele.

4. It’s becoming hard for US tax authorities to track who owes crypto taxes.

In the typical tax system, the IRS uses 1099 reporting. So, 1099, W2, that tax reporting, it’s the primary tool that they use to enforce tax compliance.

Last year, only 10,000 crypto-involved people received warning letters from IRS regarding crypto taxes. This trouble is arising due to the old system and proves that serious reforms are required in the system.

5. To increase the security of DeFi Kylin releases Oracles.

A smart contract is not smart unless you get the input right. Therefore, the right source data becomes the most critical infrastructure piece before DeFi can grow from an experiment to compete and eat the traditional finance world

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