Today in Crypto 30/07/2021

  1. Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach highlighted recent developments in Crypto and CBDC during an earnings call on July 29, arguing that the firm was well-positioned to remain a cornerstone of intra and international value flows. Miebach stated that, What we believe we do is bring a perspective to the market as a multi-rail payment provider. We have to be in this space because people are looking for answers. Continue Reading at
  2. Mastercard is angling to end up being the go-to for governments and also private entities when screening and rolling out reserve bank digital currencies or stablecoins. Traditional card networks are competing to guarantee their services remain at the facility of new advancements in digital assets, whether they be reserve bank digital money or private sector stablecoins…. Continue Reading at Baffic
  3. A new bill introduced by United States House Democrat Don Beyer, titled “The Digital Asset Market Structure and Investor Protection Act of 2021,” envisions a comprehensive regulatory and legal framework for digital assets across the board. The bill covers almost all of the major loopholes that still remain in the United States when it comes to cryptocurrency. One of its main aims is to establish legislative definitions for digital assets and digital asset securities, placing the former within the CFTC’s jurisdiction and the latter under the Securities and Exchange Commission’s… Continue Reading at Todayq News

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