Today in Crypto 28/07/2021

  1. Horizon Kinetics, a $7 billion hedge fund, is counting on real estate and cryptocurrencies to shield its investors from increasing inflation. Horizon Kinetics, led by veteran managers Murray Stahl, Steven Bregman, and Peter Doyle, has three of the top ten performing mutual funds this year. The fast growth in debt levels over the last decade, fueled by governments massive budgetary responses in the aftermath of the pandemic, has prompted investors to attempt to inflation-proof their portfolios. Continue Reading at Todayq News.
  2. The United States-based company, Ripple recently announced a new partnership with SBI Remit, a Japanese remittance company to revolutionise payments from Japan to the Philippines through the use of its on-demand liquidity (ODL) service. This is Ripple’s first On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service deployment in Japan, paving the way for greater crypto-enabled service uptake in the country. Ripple’s latest collaboration will bring together mobile payments company and SBI VC Trade to provide clients a cheaper remittance option. This will be feasible owing to the use of XRP to eliminate the need for pre-funding. Nobuo Ando, Representative Director of SBI Remit said…, Continue Reading at Todayq News.
  3. Vontobel, a Swiss private banking and financial management firm, has confirmed that some of its rich customers have cryptocurrency exposure. Zeno Staub, CEO of Vontobel in an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday said that Vontobel’s clients are interested in cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, according to Staub, it will have a significant influence on global banking. The innovative technology is the logical result of the overall trend of securitization since it is the only available technology that can build confidence without a central counter-party. Staub further added that…, Continue Reading at Todayq News.

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