PayPal crypto service live in the US to Binance Ethereum Mining Pool, Read Today’s Top 5 Crypto News

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1) Crypto trading and payment on PayPal is now live in the US.

PayPal’s crypto trading and payment went live for eligible US citizens on Thursday with the trading limit being $20,000 per week. PayPal’s goal is to make crypto payments available at 26 million merchants globally. Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal said

The shift to digital forms of currencies is inevitable, bringing with it clear advantages in terms of financial inclusion and access; efficiency, speed and resilience of the payments system; and the ability for governments to disburse funds to citizens quickly.

2) Bitcoin price has been higher than $16,320 only 12 times.

Out of 4,332-day only 12 days, Bitcoin price has been higher than now which is 0.277%. Among all 12 times, 10 have happened between 7 December 2017 to 20 December 2017. On December 16, 2017 closing price was $19,378 highest of all time. If somebody had invested in Bitcoin year in 2010 then the profits would have been 5,833,991%.

3) Mass Crypto Payments launched for businesses by BitPay.

BitPay Send will now allow the businesses to settle mass crypto payments without the need of holding crypto themselves. BitPay send is accessible in 225 countries which can be used to complete payroll payments, pay contractors or affiliates, and process customer cashback and rewards programs. AdGate Media, an advertising platform has started paying its affiliate in North America and Europe through BitPay.

4) Tezos Upgrade aims to reduce the smart contract fees by 75%.

Tezos latest upgrade ‘Delphi’ is a joint undertaking from Nomadic Labs, Metastatic, and Gabriel Algour to encourage developers to build on its blockchain. According to Delphi developers

The size and complexity of smart contracts is limited by gas constraints and so people attempting to build contracts with rich functionality have needed improvements to those constraints for some time.

5) After Bitcoin Mining Pool, Binance launches Ethereum Mining Pool.

Now, Binance users can mine both Bitcoin and Ethereum through Binance’s mining pool. Initially, as the exchange is trying to attract miner it not charging any commission but after a month the commission being charged will be 0.5% of their earning. Users participating in the mining should have a Windows or Linux operating system, GPU (NVIDIA or AMD graphics card memory of 4G minimum), 5GB virtual memory for each GPU, and mining software such as HiveOS or Easy Miner.

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