Blockchain supporting Coronavirus aid program to Crypto Industry growing in India

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1. Swiss town to use blockchain to protect the economy.

2. Crypto Industry is growing in India despite the lack of a clear regulatory framework.

The Indian crypto ecosystem has been growing tremendously since the Supreme Court lifted the banking ban on crypto in India. […] The positive verdict was immediately followed by a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This period has also given people more time at hand to read about crypto and participate in it.

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3. 0x seeks to expand beyond Ethereum.

We will share 0x Labs’ strategy with regards to driving expansion of 0x protocol beyond Ethereum.

After Ethereum-based protocol has been successful in connecting a network 30+ projects building with their API this year, Also in the same year 0x’s usage has also increased above mentioned will be their next step. He added his article with

To fulfill this mission, 0x Labs will pursue two strategies: colonize other blockchains with emerging tokenization of value, and build a p2p exchange blockchain hub. These are not necessarily sequential nor conflicting. We have already made good progress in the latter, and now will likely spend more focus on the former.

4. Nigeria’s Anti-social Media Bill marks the importance of Decentralised Network.

5. Crypto companies are hiring top-tier legal talent.

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