BlockApps Agritech network to Ripple looking for a new director, Read Today’s Top 5 Crypto News

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1) BlockApps launched Ethereum based agricultural crop tracking network.

BlockApps has released a blockchain-based agricultural crop tracking network named as TraceHarvest. For this project, BlockApps has collaborated with Bayer Crop Science, a part of German pharma giant Bayer. Bayer has been using this network for the last 2 years. The aim of this project is to make the food supply chain more sustainable and help farmers enter new markets and increase their earnings.

2) Suzhou, a Chinese city to roll out a “red envelope” trial for digital Yuan.

Suzhou, Chinese city will roll out a “red envelope” which is a giveaway in which digital yuan will be distributed. This giveaway event coincides with the double 12 long shopping event which is organized by e-commerce giant Alibaba. In the Suzhou rollout participants will be able to use “offline” and “touch” functions of the digital wallets.

3) Bithumb Exchange is temporarily suspending offline functioning offices due to COVID-19.

South Korea’s largest crypto exchange declared that it is temporarily closing its offline support center in Gangnam. Exchange’s offline support center in Seoul will remain closed from 24 November 2020 until further notice. Although Exchange’s online support centers will be function as usual.

4) Ethereum co-founder will face off against chess streamer National Canadian Team player.

After Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder participated in some chess matches, Botez threw down the gauntlet

I’m a chess streamer and a big fan of your work I heard from some people in the crypto space that you are pretty good at chess! It would be a huge honor to play if you ever need a break

Gamified prediction market Yieldwars is offering a market for the match. Market believes Vitalik will have a tough time.

5) Ripple is looking for a senior director to define its CBDC strategy with central banks.

Digital payment service Ripple is looking for a senior director to support CBDC initiatives with Ripple’s real-time gross settlement system, XRP Ledger. The requirement for the position is over 10 years of experience in technology sales or account management involving selling to large financial institutions or central banks. Ripple is looking for an opportunity to define its CBDC strategy with central banks, build relationships and projects, and educate global central bankers.



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