Bitcoin market cap overtaking Nvidia to Future of Fiat currencies, Read Today’s Top 5 Crypto News

1) Bitcoin overtakes Nvidia in terms of market capitalization.

Bitcoin’s market cap surged above $336 billion, overtaking Nvidia, a company that provides the best-performing GPU for mining Bitcoin. This has happened when both are massively growing in 2020. Nvidia’s market cap surged more than 100% in 2020 from $150 billion to more than $350 billion.

2) Waves Enterprise launches blockchain-based voting for the corporation and board governance.

After a successful trial in Russian local and parliamentary election Waves Enterprise has launched a blockchain-based voting system for corporate clients. Blockchain has been deployed in every step of voting from recording of the votes to counting them. Artem Kalikhov, chief product officer said

3) Brian Brooks disclosed a way for crypto companies to become banks.

Brian Brooks, an American lawyer, banker, entrepreneur, technologist, and government official in a recent interview mentioned that there are three ways crypto payments companies can turn into a federally chartered bank. He also said

4) Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission revised its rules related to crypto.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has amended its net capital rules to support the rising trading volume of Bitcoin. After the US election trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thailand Futures Exchanges (TFEX) has increased sharply. Net Capital rules require the firm to maintain more than 1% of the cold wallet’s capital funds and 5% of the client’s assets stored on another system.

5) Ricardo Salinas Pliego highlights the issues with Fiat currencies.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the second wealthiest man and only billionaire whose wealth has increased in the last few years as per Forbes publication recently shared a video on Twitter where banks were dumping paper money. He added

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